About Us

Alta*f  Nas*eem  graduated from an American college in Asia. He later traveled extensively in Asia and Europe. He accepted the Lord in 1971 while studying in Frankfurt, Germany. In 1976 he attended the Montreal Olympics crusade. There the Lord called him into full time ministry.

He resigned his job as chief auditor in Germany and came to the USA. There he worked with the Internationals for a year and half.

He returned to Asia, and married Eileen, in 1984. They have one son, Ann*an, 29 years of age, who was the only Christian in his Moslem  school, where Bin Laden is worshiped as a hero. he returned after studies in London, UK and continuing his MBA in Pak. Please pray for  his studies and security.

They are mainly stationed in Pakistan. This part of Asia is 96% Moslem. Only a tiny 2% of this Asian nation makes up the suffering Christian community.

In the early 80s, Altaf worked with the United Bible Society and was in charge of the production of literature. During these years he earned an additional degree in journalism.

In 1986 he went to the Philippines to work on his M. Div., which he completed in the shortest time ever accomplished in the history of this seminary. A record yet to be broken. he has additional degree in journalism and master of Christian Edu.

In 1990 he was appointed to S. Korea as director of an international mission agency project. Having finished their assignment to train the Korean staff, Altaf and his family traveled  to Australia to work  in establishing the Asian fellowships.

In 1991 Altaf came to the USA for nearly a year of deputation, while his wife ( Annan then 5 yr) continued to pioneer the Asian fellowship in Brisbane, Australia.

At present Altaf and his wife are serving in South and central Asia as inter denominational missionaries. This includes Bangladesh, Nepal, Iran  and parts of central Asia. They are just next door to Afghanistan, where AL-Qaee*da has prevailing influence.

They have a great burden for this continent where Christianity is greatly misunderstood as the faith of the colonial powers.

In this part of the world fundamentalism is on the rise especially after 9/11. Pray for their ministry in this very difficult context. Sectarian killings are rampant, some underground religious factions are well armed. Recently there have been attacks on Christian churches, school and hospitals. on Easter 2015 two churches were bombed near Lahore  where 18 are martyred. In Sep. 2013 a church in Peshawar was bombed in which we had over 120 martyred and scores injure.

Recently  the government banned some Islamic militant factions, Terrorists are blocking the foreign and local investors and ultimately its the poor man who suffers.  These factions are gone underground. many are functional under other pseudo names  They are trained by Qae-eda/Tali*ban, and carry out attacks on the Christian institutions.

Please pray for peace in Pakistan, for the authorities that are  trying to eradicate the terrorism, from this society. May the peace of God rule in this region. Pray that we can live together in harmony.

Pray for the freedom of expression of expression so the Gospel (peace) can be preached here.                               Thank you, and God bless you for your prayers.

                                                       The Na*seem*s